TX Tint


At TX TINT we offer a range of services that include window tint for all types of vehicles, residential and commercial film, Paint Protection, and the current innovative product with XPEL’s nanotechnology, Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating.

Explore our installations:

Paint Protection Film

We offer a series of high performance protective films to protect your vehicle’s paint from all types of external aggressions.

Ceramic Coating

We specialize in Ceramic Coating to protect the surface of your vehicle from any outside contaminants.

Window Tint Car

Protect your vehicle with high-tech tint and allow it to not only block harmful UV rays but also provide a layer of protection, security and privacy.

Home & Office Window Tint

Consultation, advice and installation of premium films to improve the external appearance of your home and office. It provides greater solar protection, avoiding the deterioration of your furniture.
We have the necessary expertise and technique to guarantee a top-quality finish

Why Choose Us

  • We provide expert and professional advice.
  • We work with high quality, professionally installed products.
  • We do multiple quality control checks before delivered.
  • Our team is characterized by excellence and personalized attention.
  • We have a range of premium services tailored to each client.
  • We establish long-lasting relationships with each of our customers.
  • We are certified experts in all the services we offer.
  • We provide you facilities such as quick response on calls, emails and messages and also immediate solutions.
  • We guarantee excellent results with first class finishes.

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