Paint Protection Film in Central Texas

Paint Protection Film (also known as PPF) is a self-adhesive polyurethane film with a transparent appearance created to protect the paintwork of your vehicle and that can also be used as a car interior protection film as well.

This film is a state of the art, multifunctional, ultra-thin material that protects your vehicle from small impacts, animal excrement, insects, stains, scratches, accidents, and other external agents such as dirt and debris.

Paint Protection Film Packages

Choose your package or contact us to customized the protection according to your needs.

PPF Full frontal

Bumper, hood, fender mirrors and headlights

Starting at: $2,200
Starting at: $2,400

PPF Track package

Bumper, hood, fender mirrors, headlights, A-pillars and rocker panels

Starting at: $3,300
Starting at: $3,500

PPF Full wrap

All painted surfaces.
*Stealth wrap has an extra charge*

Starting at: $6,000 - 6,500
Starting at: $7,000


Starting at: $7,000
*price varies based on vehicle and level of difficulty.
Inquire for tesla exclusive pricing.
We offer the necessary expertise and the required technique to guarantee a top quality finish.


This innovative product developed by XPEL, allows your vehicle’s original paint to remain intact and give off a “brand new” car effect. As mentioned above, the product is designed to resist damage caused by stones or paint peels.

It is a multifunctional material, so you can choose to place it on your entire vehicle or on parts you may consider most exposed. This film can also be installed on headlights, fog lights, bumpers, etc.

Stealth Paint Protection Film

Stealth Film is our clear, matte finish, paint protection film. This film gives our clients the option of enjoying the aesthetics of matte finish paint, without all of the worries that are typically associated with it. Highly durable, this film will resist some of the toughest abrasions or stone chips the road has to throw at this beast.

Stealth PPF provides durable protection while accentuating the beautiful lines and curves of your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film Process

Prepare the surface

The first step in applying Paint Protection Film (PPF) is to thoroughly clean and prepare the surface. This involves removing any dirt, debris, or wax from the vehicle's paint.

Apply the film

Once the surface is clean, the PPF is carefully applied to the vehicle. The film is typically cut to fit the specific areas where protection is desired, such as the front bumper, hood, or side mirrors. It is important to ensure that the film is properly aligned and free of any wrinkles or bubbles.

Smooth and finalize

After the film is applied, it is smoothed out to ensure a seamless and uniform appearance. Any remaining air bubbles or imperfections are carefully removed. The final step involves inspecting the film for any issues and making necessary adjustments for a perfect finish.

Why Choose TX Tint for your PPF Job?

  • We are certified experts in Paint Protection Film Austin TX.
  • Our experienced technicians will provide an exceptional installation for a smooth finish.
  • Our products meet strict standards of quality, reliability and durability to preserve the aesthetic appearance of your car.
  • We do multiple quality control checks before delivered.
  • We make use of advanced DAP11 software technology in customized installations for small areas, vulnerable sections of the car and complete vehicle coverage.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

High Durability

The film warranty covers 10 years.

Quality Transparency

Also known as a Clear Bra because of its transparency, it will not be noticed that it is applied on the car.

Clear Shield

Known this way because it is an 8mm thick material, and will protect your vehicle from rock chips.


If the PPF is exposed to the sun, it will heal by itself. The lights scratches will disappear.

Our Paint Protection Film will preserve your new paint for years by acting as a sacrificial shield.

The Brand Dealerships Trust

"After hiring, and being disappointed with, several different vendors in ATX (for both window tint and PPF) we ended up giving TX Tint a shot. Upon our first interaction with Mitch, we could tell that he was focused and hungry to prove he was the best. One year and close to 100 jobs later I can confidently say he is. I can always count on his team to provide the highest quality with the most reasonable turnaround times. I'm relieved to say that the headaches we had (with the vendors before him) are a thing of the past. Thank you to the TX Tint family for always knocking it out of the park, your attention to detail is why we trust you so much. We are looking forward to working with you for many more years to come!"

James Holderman, After-Sales Ambassador | Ferrari of Austin

"I have been working with Mitch since 2017. Mitch provides impeccable service. Extremely responsive and high standards. Mitch believes in making it right to the customer and backs his work up. I don't let anyone else touch our vehicles besides him. He treats every car he touches like his own and respects the vehicle. I can't recommend him enough. In this day, with so much competition, finding someone like Mitch that provides good service and high standards at a fair price is extremely rare. You won't go wrong working with TX Tint"

Shaddi Zamrik  |  Head of Acquisitions Toyota



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