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Paint Protection Film, Austin TX

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film (also known as PPF) is a self-adhesive polyurethane film with a transparent appearance created to protect the paintwork of your vehicle. This film is a state of the art, multifunctional, ultra-thin material that protects your vehicle from small impacts, animal excrement, insects, stains, scratches, accidents, and other external agents such as dirt and debris.

PPF Offers:

High Durability

The film warranty covers 10 years.

Quality Transparency

Also known as a Clear Bra because of its transparency, it will not be noticed that it is applied on the car.

Clear Shield

Known this way because it is an 8mm thick material, and will protect your vehicle from rock chips.


If the PPF is exposed to the sun, it will heal by itself. The lights scratches will disappear.

Clear Bra / Shield - XPEL

This innovative product developed by XPEL, allows your vehicle’s original paint to remain intact and give off a “brand new” car effect. As mentioned above, the product is designed to resist damage caused by stones or paint peels.

It is a multifunctional material, so you can choose to place it on your entire vehicle or on parts you may consider most exposed. This film can also be installed on headlights, fog light, bumpers, etc.
We have a high level of reputation, innovation and ability to offer quality results.

Some of Our Projects

Our Protection Packages:

Choose your package or contact us to customized the protection according to your needs.

Full frontal:

Bumper, hood, fender mirrors and headlights

Track package:

Bumper, hood, fender mirrors, headlights, A-pillars and rocker panels

Full wrap:

All painted surfaces.

*Stealth wrap has an extra charge*

We offer the necessary expertise and the required technique to guarantee a top quality finish.

Why Choose TX TINT?

  • We are certified experts in Paint Protection Film.
  • Our experienced technicians will provide an exceptional installation for a smooth finish.
  • Our products meet strict standards of quality, reliability and durability to preserve the aesthetic appearance of your car.
  • We do multiple quality control checks before delivered.
  • We make use of advanced DAP11 software technology in customized installations for small areas, vulnerable sections of the car and complete vehicle coverage.

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