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Auto Paint Correction Austin

Paint Correction Service in Austin, Texas

At TX Tint, you will be served by experts in paint repair. We take care of every little thing while safeguarding your car’s clear coat and the exterior of the paint.

What is Paint Correction?

Painting over little blemishes and flaws in the car’s clear coat is known as paint correction. Once all the necessary paint correction steps are fulfilled, it will have many benefits for your car, such as getting rid of fine scratches and swirl marks, removing stains caused by animal excrement, deleting calcium stains, and removing ceramic coatings, paint sealants, or wax from painted surfaces.

How much is paint correction?

Contact us to learn the cost of each of the two phases we employ in the auto paint correction process.

The process is as follows:

  • Swirl marks, spiderwebs, and deep scratches are removed in the first stage.
  • Water, acid rain etching, butter stains, and holographic effects are removed in the second stage.

Before and After Paint Correction Austin, TX:

Other common questions...

Depending on the state of the paint, Austin paint correction could take up to one to two working days. We promise to deliver the finished product at the earliest.

There is no standard period for which paint correction lasts. It entirely depends on how you handle it.

Depending on how deep it is, it may not fully vanish, but it will undoubtedly look better.

No, it evens out the clear finish so that scratches are no longer evident on the coating.

TX Tint is proud to be a Texas-Owned and Operated Automotive Window Tinting Company.
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How To Protect My Car Paint?

We also provide expert paint protection film applications designed to shield your car’s paint job.
We use a meticulous procedure to protect the paint on your automobile. We begin by decontaminating the paint to work with a clean surface so we can go on to a paint correction to ensure your car paint is prepared for an appropriate film application.

At Tx Tint, we also supply a Stealth PPF, which adds a satin finish to your vehicle. Our goal is to provide each client in the Central Texas area with exceptional and knowledgeable customer service.