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We Keep Your McLaren Looking Flawless For Longer With Our Protection Services and Products

Getting a McLaren is not an easy investment and we know that but don’t hesitate, we are here not only to make your vehicle look good but to ensure it does for longer.

Features of our services:

Modern nanotechnology

If your McLaren is exposed to the sun, it will heal by itself. The lights scratches will disappear.

Durable Protection

We make sure your McLaren is ready for the road with our protection film, and ceramic coating. Our service's goal is to shield your car against dings and rock chips, and it's also a great solution for those seeking insane gloss and simplified wash maintenance.

Best Protection Services:

We take pride in equipping ourselves with the industry’s most cutting-edge tools, knowledge, and techniques to protect your McLaren appearance. Learn more about our services below:

McLaren Window Tint

Our Window Films will keep your McLaren protected from UV and IR damage, while the exterior will enjoy many years of easy wash maintenance and protection from the sun.

McLaren Paint Protection Film

Our Paint Protection Film will preserve your beautiful new paint for years by acting as a sacrificial shield.

Ceramic Coating For McLaren

Ceramic coatings act as a permanent barrier for harmful UV Rays, Acidic Contaminants, and everything in between. 

Windshield Protection Film McLaren

Protect your windshield with our innovative film, which is rock chip-resistant, and absorbs shock without any cracks in the glass. It also boasts 99% UV rejection

Paint Correction For McLaren

We work with a strict process for durable paint correction. Our paint correction removes swirl marks, spiderwebs, and deep scratches.

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