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Where Can I Put a Clear Paint Protection Film on my Car?

The whole idea of affixing a clear paint protection film on your car is to protect the car paint. The clear paint protection film is a super handy fix, especially if you have a new car or have recently got a multi-stage paint correction for your car. The protective layer can help keep your car safe from rock chips, road grime, dust, dirt, and even bugs and birds excrement. The best part about the clear paint protection film is that you can apply it on your entire car! The thick transparent layer is effective enough to protect different parts of your car from various external elements.

Professional Paint Protection Film Application in Austin, Texas

Our Protection Packages

We’re an XPEL authorized dealer and certified installer working with XPEL products. Typically, we offer car paint protection film in three packages, but we also cater to customized requirements from clients. So if you want a customized application, we’re happy to create one for you! Let’s run you through our three packages:

PPF Full Frontal

This package covers the bumper, hood, fender, mirror, and headlights.

PPF Track Package

The track package offers protective film for the bumper, hood, fender, mirrors, headlights, A-pillars as well as rocker panels.

PPF Full Wrap

This package covers clear paint protection film for all painted surfaces on your car. We also offer stealth full wrap which brings a satin finish to your vehicle.

What’s the Paint Protection Film Process?

The paint protection film is a self-adhesive film made of poly-utherene. Utherene is a popular polymer used in not only automotive but other industries as well. It is known for its strength, flexibility, durability, chemical stability, and most importantly, resistance to UV degradation.

Here’s how our paint protection film process goes:

Step 1: With the help of professional software, we get the patterns we require and then modify them according to your car measurements.

Step 2: We then proceed to pre-cut the patterns we intend to work with.

Step 3: We work with a detailed process to protect the paint of your vehicle, we start decontaminating the paint to work with a clean surface so we can continue with a paint correction to make sure your car paint is ready for a proper film application.

Step 4: We then apply the film with precision to your car. Application is a critical aspect of the entire process, and we take care of every detail of your vehicle.

Step 5: Before we deliver the vehicle, we do a quality control check to make sure again that everything is working and looking good.

What Are The Benefits of PPF?

The common question is – do we really need a PPF on our car? Well, once you go through the benefits of paint protection film, we’re sure you’d get one for your car as well! Let’s have a look:

Paint protection films help protect your car from basically any external element out there. A durable and good-quality paint protection film can help keep the paint on your car protected from scratches, debris, stone chips, and even small damages caused during minor accidents.

Thanks to the strength and durability of poly-utherene used to make them, the paint protection film also shields your car from natural elements such as bird poop, tree sap, environmental pollution, and even UV rays. In addition, the paint protection film maintains the external look of your car, boosting its value – you’ll definitely get a higher resale price for your car in the future!

Work with experts, work with TX Tint

To get the best of a PPF, you must ensure you pick one of good quality. Also, it’s best to head to a professional installer for accurate application. And if you’re looking for an experienced PPF installer, you can always reach out to us – we’d love to help you out!