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What are the Good Ways to Protect a New Car’s Paint?

When you invest in the car of your dreams, you want to do everything you can to keep it looking brand new for as long as you can. The prime focus is always on keeping the paint of the car intact and free from scratches or damage from any external element. The two best and most popular ways of protecting your car from external agents are applying a paint protection film and ceramic coating. The paint protection film and ceramic coating can protect your car from scratches caused due to minor accidents. Both of these also help to keep your car safe from animal excreta, bird poop, insects, stains, dirt, debris, and a whole lot of other damaging natural elements. Controlling these elements isn’t in our hands but securing the paint of our cars is – which is why we can always consider protecting our cars with the help of either paint protection film, ceramic coating, or both! Let’s understand both methods a bit better:

What is a Clear Protection Film, and How Does it Work?

Paint protection film is a thick transparent layer that’s applied on the top panels of your car. The durable film isn’t even visible when applied but does a great deal in protecting the paint of your car. The car paint protection film is made of poly-utherene, a popularly used element in various industries. The strong, durable, flexible, and UV-resistant urethane makes it just the right fit for a paint protection film.

Clear paint protection film roll consists of three layers – the bottom, middle and top. The bottom layer is the release liner, which keeps the other two layers intact and clean until installation. The bottom layer is peeled off and discarded to reveal the middle layer, which is made of acrylic adhesive. The acrylic adhesive is 100% removable and can be removed from the surface of the car without damaging the paint. The topmost layer is urethane, which is the thickest layer and does the most work in protecting your car paint.

Professional Paint Protection Film Application in Austin, Texas

What is Ceramic Coating?

The ceramic coating uses nanotechnology to create a protective layer on your car. The nanoparticles are tiny and form a very thin, almost invisible surface on whichever surface they are applied. As these particles are super tiny, they seal pores on the surface of your car. This makes your car paint water-repellant as well as resistant to several external factors such as UV rays, heat, chemicals, and even graffiti.

Ferrari Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating Combined

Why settle for a single protective film when you can have two layers of protection for your car paint? For double and more effective protection, you can opt to apply a paint protection film, and secure it with ceramic coating. With this, you’ll get the best of both protective film layers and ceramic coating. Apart from additional protection, choosing two-layered protection for your car will make it easier for you to maintain your car too!

Why Choose TX Tint for your PFF and Ceramic Coating Needs?

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